AMWA LEADS Leadership Development

Inspiring Women in Medicine to Attain Leadership, Equity, Advancement, and
Professional Growth at Every Stage of Your Career

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You are already a leader. Now you can commit to bringing out the best qualities of yourself as a leader. Since you have chosen to pursue a career in medicine or healthcare—clinical, research, or management—embracing continual development of your leadership skills and gaining actional insights are essential to achieving your full potential, gaining recognition for your efforts, and setting you apart as an effective, preferred leader.

AMWA LEADS is launching as our Flagship to advance opportunities for women in medicine to realize your full potential as a Leader and attain Equity as you develop and advance throughout your professional journey.

The American Medicine Women’s Association (AMWA) introduces a multilevel professional leadership development program to accelerate the advancement and professional growth of more women leaders in medicine and healthcare. Leadership programs are designed to meet the specific needs of women in medicine at each critical stage of medical

AMWA LEADS Leadership Development
Designed to meet you wherever you are—be it a mid-career practitioner, trainee, or medical student—with levels to grow with you.

  • AMWA ELEVATE — Leadership Certification for Women Physicians
  • AMWA EVOLVE  — Leadership Certification Program for Women in Residency (Under development)
  • AMWA IGNITE  — Leadership Program for Women in Medical School

Aspirations of AMWA Leadership Development

  • Increase your self-worth and set you up for career advancement and promotion
  • Enhance your visibility and elevates your recognition among peers, within your institution, and nationally
  • Focus on areas that meet needs specific to women physicians, including sensitivity to diversity and inclusiveness aimed to confront racial disparities and gender/LGBTQ biases

AMWA LEADS Leadership Core Competencies

  1. Self-Awareness and Self-Management
    Leadership begins with a critical sense of self, knowing your emotional intelligence and authenticity. It requires a commitment to lifelong personal growth to attain your professional aspirations.
  2. Influence
    Good leaders inspire members of the team and others with whom you interact. It’s about collaborating effectively with peers and supporting those who lead you through a positive approach. Have a ubiquitous intention of equity, diversity, and inclusiveness both internally and externally.
  3. Team Management
    Leadership means bringing others together and playing to each person’s strengths, managing relationships effectively, and fostering a positive and trusting culture and group environment.
  4. Organizational Management
    Leaders create an expectation of trust, inclusivity, and respect, using systems to solve challenges and striving to bring about innovation, and encouraging changes that assure a better outcome
  5. Values-Based Leadership
    Leading with a principled vision and having a strategic plan allows others to contribute with confidence. Creating sustainable solutions in alignment with core values and the organization’s mission that assures focus is consistent with the first four core competencies.

No matter how many courses you take or programs you attend, having the opportunity to explore what the competencies mean to you, personally, is the only way to integrate concepts so you will evolve fully. AMWA recognizes the invaluable benefits that come with coaching. As such, professional coaching is integral to the AMWA Leadership Process. Each program: IGNITE, EVOLVE, and ELEVATE, incorporates professional coaching as an essential element to assure full actualization as a woman leader in medicine.

Professional Coaching

Provides women physicians with targeted guidance in the leadership development process. Working with a certified professional coach in a group and/or one-on-one affords you tailored guidance to focus on your strengths and explore opportunities to grow in a way that will amplify and accelerate your comfort as a leader, enhance your capabilities and core competencies, and feel self-assured in your current positions and opportunities that will present in the future.

Developing, refining, and improving your leadership skills is as essential as you launch your career as for women physicians who are striving for senior leadership roles. Leadership assessments and professional coaching are integral tools in creating effective leaders, satisfied program teams, and success within organizations.

Expand Your Career Potential. Consider New Possibilities.

Realize Your Fully Satisfying Purpose.