Renewing Your Membership

During your renewal period (three months before your membership expires), you will receive an email from [email protected] reminding you to renew your membership. This email will include a form that allows you to renew your membership.
  1. Please complete the form, regardless if you are remaining in the same member type or changing to a different member type.
  2. You will receive reminders up until your expiration date, and again during your grace period (2 months after your expiration date).
  3. At any time during your renewal period, you can also click on the Join, Renew, or Update Profile link to access the renewal form.

How do I find my current membership type?

You will find your current membership type in your “Profile.” To learn how to navigate to your member profile, see “Updating Your Profile“.

What if I am in the wrong member type?

If you are in the wrong membership type (e.g. you are a pre-medical student but the membership type in your profile is a fellow) please contact [email protected]

What if I can’t find my desired member type on the renewal form?

If you are completing the renewal form and do not see the option to renew to your desired member type, please contact [email protected].